Prime quality International Consultancy is the leading ISOconsulting organization in Middle East with clients fromdifferent industries such as Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D,Food, Information Technology, Marine, oil & Gas, Trading,Construction and Service sectors.

We are providing trainings,complete written ISO documentation, internal audit andassistance during final certification audit in the field of quality,Environmental, Energy, Food safety, Occupational Health andSafety Management Systems, Shop-floor improvement practicesand other emerging trends in the industries. Our ISO consultantsare equipped with recognized Lead Auditor / Assessorqualification from International Register of Certified Auditors(IRCA, UK) and from IEMA.Our holistic consulting approach required our consultant to betotal involvement in developing, implementing, training andmonitoring of respective management systems which is vital toyour operational efficiency and Return of Investment (ROI) whileat the same time save all the hassle of undergoing tediouswriting of ISO documentation, thereby saving valuable time.

Prime quality International Consultancy maintains currentexpertise in the design, development and implementation oftechnical requirements. Regulatory guidance is availablefocusing on Good Manufacturing Practices, Licenses, Registrationand Enforcement activities.

Prime quality International Consultancy can assist you inmeeting the voluntary or government requirements of anyorganization and getting the ISO Certification from the leading certification bodies or Accreditation bodies.

Quality Policy

Prime Quality Intl (PQI) is committed to provide and maintain Quality services to its customers throughout its entire operations such as ISO consultancy, and Training services.

This commits us to the following obligations:

•    We are committed to meet all of the Clients requirements in all our projects with a high degree of quality and exceed customer satisfaction.

•    Updating and monitoring the Quality Management System to ensure continuous improvement.

•    Ensure effective communication, both internal and external, to enhance the customer satisfaction.

•    Strict adherence to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) requirements.

•    Adherence to the legal requirement and regulations

•    Engage its employees to set measureable objectives and targets for QMS, revise objectives through regular review, audit and monitoring its performances.

•    Provide intensive training to its employees to enhance their competency.

Compliance with the above commitments will ultimately lead to maintain and achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction by means of globally accepted standards.